A campaign to remove the trees, "Algoev"


Western Region Municipality implemented a campaign to remove the trees, "Algoev"

Began the Western Region Municipality implementation of campaign remove trees "Algoev" included all the cities of the western region, where the number of trees "Algoev" region about 73 284 and the estimated proportion of trees in the city of Liwa 72% of them, and been working on the removal of all the trees by the end of this year.

The Misbah Mubarak Al Marar, Director General of the Western Region Municipality Acting The campaign mitigate the damage caused by those trees by the studies and scientific reports, local and regional, where the municipality to cut and remove trees "Algoev" of affiliate sites and the parties to the main roads from the farms of citizens and popularities.

Marar added that the municipality implemented the campaign in cooperation with contractors specializing in cutting trees, where they are removed and the transfer of waste to sites dedicated to it, especially after growth profusely after a rainfall.

The Marar The removal are implemented according to plan time using heavy equipment to remove trees from their roots, pointing out that the follow-up group, which was formed to facilitate the achievement of this campaign on the ground and continued his work in accordance with the schedule allotted, which began work on the streets the main entrances of the city and government departments and residential areas, It is scheduled to be completed clearance work in the city of Liwa in the month of October, where the current ratio of the current achievement of 88%.

For his part, Hamad Salem Al Hamli, Director of Public Relations and Communications to the danger of trees "Algoev" that grow and multiply rapidly, which makes it difficult to eliminate them. Hamli added that the tree "Algoev" exotic Asian tree on the area and its big disadvantages, including the absorption of water and deprive plants around him, it is also a hotbed of live reptiles and other harmful Kaltaaben, besides distorting the general appearance of cities.

In a related context Hamli said to The municipality has distributed and cultivation of 20 basin ornamental plants in each of the police station in the city of Liwa Hospital Liwa year, to decorate the entrances and offices in those institutions, and a contribution from the municipality to raise and develop a spirit of communication and ongoing support and mutual between state institutions , within the comprehensive plan adopted by the cities and suburbs sectors at the level of the western region out of its vision and mission to provide my system with the efficiency of global sustainable development to achieve the desired standards and enhances the quality of life in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

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