95% of the complaints received were completed


Office of Emergency Western Region Municipality completed 95% of the complaints received

Completed Emergency Office in the Western Region Municipality 95 per cent of the complaints received during the third quarter of this year. Said Hamad Salem Al Hamli, Director of Public Relations and Communications Western Region Municipality that the 1008 reports were received for the office has been completed, of which 960 tip.

He explained that more communications received by the Office of the clusters was about the sand on the road network in the western region because of storms and extreme weather during the summer where they were receiving a tip about the 384 and 624 sand concentrations varied communication. He said emergency teams to the Western Region Municipality has taken all the necessary measures to address the gatherings rainwater and their implications as soon as possible and in coordination with the Police Directorate of the Western Region and all those reaching communications 96 communiqué as a result of rainfall and strong winds experienced by the region at the beginning of last September .

He praised the efficiency of the emergency plan and the crisis that had been prepared in advance to cope with emergencies and natural disasters from torrential rains and sand storms, floods, earthquakes and volcanoes. He stated that the teams emergency office based field trips in all the cities of the Western by monitors municipal alternating clock until the inventory of all the damage on the roads, including the gathering sand and loss of trees on the roads as well as roads affected where dealing with emergency teams efficiently in order to avoid the effects of rain in record time .

The Bureau, in cooperation and coordination between emergency teams and other stakeholders such as the police and the western region of Abu Dhabi Company for distribution as well as the cooperation of consultants and contractors and the contractors involved with the Western Region Municipality in this regard. And are receiving emergency communications relating to the role and functions of the municipality through the 993 hotline around the clock seven days a week and during weekends and official.

Keen Western Region Municipality to implement the training courses to raise the efficiency of the staff of the Office of Emergency and Crisis them in the areas of fire-fighting and excellence in customer service. Were emergency teams municipality Bank had earlier in support of the Civil Defense Department in the City fire Zayed through the provision of heavy equipment and antipathy water and Support necessary logistical coordination with the departments and the competent authorities in the western region .. was to provide all means of public safety for emergency personnel, according to the best standards in this regard.

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