Lecture on cupping therapy


Municipality of Abu Dhabi City delivers lecture on cupping therapy

The Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, in cooperation with Sharjah International Holistic Health Centre, arranged for a scientific lecture about cupping and its healing benefits delivered by Dr. Haiman El Nahal, Specialist in Iridology and Integrative Medicine, in the presence of a large number of employees. The event is part of the third week events of the Environment, Health and Safety management system hosted by the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Education, Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA), Health Authority - Abu Dhabi and a host of private hospitals.

Starting off his lecture, Engineer Abdul Aziz Zurub, Director of Health, Safety and Environment, Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, emphasized the importance of the Environment, Health and Safety management system in diffusing the health culture among employees, raising the productivity, improving the quality of jobs done, and achieving excellence.

“The vision, mission and values of the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City are all focused on intensifying the staging of regular activities, events and workshops aimed at uplifting the caliber of public health in all respects. To realize these principles, the Environment, Health and Safety Division has developed a clear vision for covering all spectrums of the community in the field of health & occupational education, and nurturing new values ensuring higher levels of security, safety and health,” said Zurub.

The lecturer indicated that the events of the third week of the Environment, Health and Safety management system included a series of medical lectures attaching utmost importance to uplifting the level of health education. He highlighted the benefits and importance of undergoing cupping therapy at the medical centers under the care of specialized physicians.

Dr. Haiman defined cupping as a process of sucking subcutaneous blood (from under the skin) by using pressurized cups, without causing superficial scratches or scratching capillaries, in order to siphon blood blends and free radicals, and not the bad blood as commonly believed.

The lecturer shed light on the importance of establishing a synergy between medicated cupping and modern medicine due to the wide-ranging trend to undergo cupping therapy across the Arab world. He touched on the importance of Complementary Medicine, which was formerly branded as Alternative Medicine.

He recalled the religious and medical importance of cupping and its mechanism in the body along with its types, caveats, and the medicinal benefits if used in a proper medical environment. Benefits of cupping include stimulating the blood circulation, extracting electrolytes and blood blends along with the effects of drugs, arousing response spots and movement centres in the body, clearing energy paths, boosting the immune system of the body, soothing pains, revitalizing glands and streamlining hormonal secretions.

The lecturer narrated the cases in which cupping should not be undertaken such as fever, influenza, and extreme cold. He also cautioned against conducting cupping on patients suffering renal failure or haemophilia as well as those on a pacemaker or who suffer from low blood pressure or acute anaemia. He also explained that cupping should not be administered during the menstrual cycle and to those individuals who have recently donated blood.

Events of the third week of the Environment, Health and Safety management system witnessed delivering a number of educative health lectures, medical checkups and practical drills during emergency situations, all aimed at heightening the health awareness of the municipal employees and embedding new modern & healthy lifestyle concepts.

Among those who took part in delivering lectures & workshops and conducting medical tests were Abu Dhabi Health Authority, Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, Ministry of Education and a host of private hospitals and medical centers.

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